Rapid Prototyping Technology Development

- Oct 19, 2018-

Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing (RPM) technology is developing in two directions: one is the direction of direct manufacturing of parts, called rapid manufacturing (RM) technology; the other is combined with life science technology, called bio-manufacturing ( BM) technology. At present, both RM and BM technologies have shown broad development prospects, opening up new application areas for RPM. Recently, with the advancement of new materials technology, new processes and information networking, many new rapid prototyping manufacturing technologies have emerged and applied in various fields, mainly in the fields of rapid mold, nano manufacturing, biomimetic manufacturing and integrated manufacturing.

1. Develop a conceptual model machine or desktop

At present, RP technology is developing in two directions: industrialized large-scale systems for manufacturing high-precision, high-performance parts; automated desktop small systems called conceptual model machines or desktops, mainly used to manufacture conceptual prototypes. Develop small RP devices and are very likely to enter the home. General Motors also plans to equip each engineer with one such device. The concept prototype manufactured by the desktop RP system can be used to display the overall concept of the product design, the layout of the three-dimensional shape, the promotion of the product design, and the use as a product display model and bidding model.