Reasons And Solutions For The 'Fringe' Of Injection Molding Products

- Jun 29, 2018-

In the process of injection molding into a mold may generate flash (also known as overflow edge, Pi Feng, burrs, etc.), flashes are mostly occurred in the mold's split position, such as moving mold and static mold parting surface, slider sliding Matching parts, gaps in the inserts, holes in the ejector pins, etc., are largely due to the failure of the clamping force of the mold or the machine table.

There are several situations and solutions for generating "flash":

1. The distribution of mold cavity is not balanced or the parallelism is not enough to cause local flash and partial dissatisfaction due to unbalanced force. Flow paths should be placed in the center of mass symmetry without affecting the integrity of the parts.

2. When the mold is poorly vented, the compressed air will expand the parting surface of the mold and cause flashes. A good exhaust system should be set up, or the exhaust groove should be dug on the parting surface.

3. If the plasticity of the plastic is too large, or if too much lubricant is added, the pressure, speed, temperature, etc. should be properly reduced to reduce the amount of lubricant used. If necessary, use low-flow plastics.