Six Development Directions Of Mold Design

- Jul 21, 2018-

1. Material selection

The greenness of the mold material has a very important impact on the green performance of the final product. The choice of materials for green design must be based on green materials, abandoning the chemical methods used to surface the materials in the past, and replacing them with physical methods to achieve corrosion protection or easy release.

(1) Select high-quality mirror mold steel processing mold cavity.

(2) Use stainless steel to process the anti-corrosion mold to replace the electroplating, or replace the electroplating with nickel-phosphorus plating which is less harmful to the environment.

Basic properties of green materials

(1) Low pollution, low energy consumption and low cost.

(2) It is easy to process and process without pollution or less pollution.

(3) Degradable and reusable.