Six Development Directions Of Mold Design

- Jul 21, 2018-

2. Design standardization and standardization

Mold standardization is the premise of organizing mold professional production, and the professional production of mold is the key to improve mold quality, shorten mold manufacturing cycle and reduce cost.

Adopt and purchase standard formwork and other standard parts. The mold base and standard parts are produced by specialized manufacturers and enterprises through social division of labor, so that limited resources are optimally configured.

Usually, after the mold is scrapped, only the convex and concave molds (or core cavities) can no longer be used, but the mold base is still basically intact, so the use of the standard mold base contributes to the reuse of the mold base.

There are many types of molds for stamping and injection molding, and these mold bases are basically composed of standard upper and lower mold bases, guide posts, guide sleeves and other components. At the same time, the standardization of the formwork can greatly reduce the equipment used to produce the formwork, thereby saving resources and facilitating management.

The standardization and standardization of each structural unit of the mold can also speed up the design, shorten the design cycle, and facilitate the processing management.