Six Key Points In The Design Of Aluminum Extrusion Die

- Jul 30, 2018-

1. Size analysis of aluminum extrusions

The size and deviation of the extrusion are determined by the mold, extrusion equipment and other relevant process factors. Among them, the influence of mold size change is great, and the reasons for the change of mold size are the elastic deformation of the mold, the temperature rise of the mold, the material of the mold and the manufacturing precision of the mold and the wear of the mold.

(1) Selection of tonnage of aluminum extrusion press

The extrusion ratio is a numerical value indicating the difficulty of the extrusion of the mold. Generally, the extrusion ratio is applicable between 10 and 150. If the extrusion ratio is lower than 10, the mechanical properties of the product are low; on the contrary, the extrusion ratio is too high, and the product is prone to defects such as surface roughness or angular deviation. Solid profiles are often recommended for extrusion ratios of around 30 and hollow profiles of around 45.

(2) Determination of the external dimensions

The outer dimensions of the extrusion die refer to the outer diameter and thickness of the die. The overall dimensions of the mold are determined by the size, weight and strength of the section of the profile.