Solutions For Poor Gloss On The Surface Of Products

- Aug 07, 2018-

2. Improper molding conditions

If the injection speed is too fast or too slow, the injection pressure is too low, the holding time is too short, the supercharger pressure is not enough, the cushion is too large, the nozzle hole is too small or the temperature is too low, and the filler property of the fiber reinforced plastic is too poor. The filler is exposed or the aluminum foil-like filler has no directional distribution, the temperature of the cylinder is too low, the plasticization of the melt is poor, and the supply is insufficient, which may result in poor gloss on the surface of the plastic part. In this regard, adjustments should be made to the specific situation.

If a dark area is created near the gate or at a variable cross section, the method can be eliminated by reducing the injection rate, changing the gate position, expanding the gate area, and increasing the arc transition at the variable cross section.

If the surface of the plastic part has a thin milky white color, the injection speed can be appropriately reduced. If the surface gloss is poor due to poor dispersion of the filler, replace the resin with better flow properties or replace the screw with stronger mixing ability.