Structural Factors To Be Considered In Plastic Mold Design

- Aug 06, 2018-

4. Mold precision, that is, avoid card, precision positioning, guide pillars, positioning pins and so on. Positioning system is related to product appearance quality, mold quality and life, according to different mold structure, choose different positioning mode, positioning accuracy control mainly rely on processing, internal model positioning is the designer to fully consider, design a more reasonable and easy to adjust the positioning mode.

5. Gating system, that is, from the injection molding machine nozzle to the cavity between the feeding channel, including the main road, shunt, gate and cold material points. In particular, the selection of the gate location should be conducive to the melting of plastic in a good flow state filled cavity, the attached to the product of the solid flow channel and the gate cold in the mold is easy to remove from the die and clear (except Hot runner mode).