Technical Characteristics Of Multi-Color Injection Molding

- Sep 29, 2018-

1.Vertical turntable

The vertical turntable (parallel shot) injection molding machine is the most widely used two-shot injection molding machine, capable of forming a large number of small and medium-sized products. Usually the tonnage is below 1500 tons, which has certain requirements on the size and shape of the mold, and cannot exceed the area where the plate is loaded.

2. In-mold rotation

After one injection is completed, the rotor is rotated by the motor to move the preform to the next position to complete the subsequent processing. In-mold rotation has outstanding advantages in the field of toothbrush manufacturing, which can increase production efficiency by more than 50%, and at the same time, can complete customized requirements such as multiple colors and simultaneous production packaging.

3. Horizontal turntable

The horizontal rotating (opposite) injection molding machine can form large two-color parts, such as TV frame, car sunroof, lampshade, etc. The maximum tonnage can reach 1900 tons. The biggest advantage of the horizontal turntable is that it can produce large tonnage products, which is unmatched by traditional rotary table equipment. It is widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing.