Technical Characteristics Of Multi-Color Injection Molding

- Sep 29, 2018-

4. Monochrome injection molding machine produces two-color products

Monochrome injection molding machine is the earliest and most basic two-color injection molding application. The principle is very simple. First, the first semi-finished product will be produced. After the production is completed, the front semi-finished product will be coated on the second set of mold. 

The advantage is that the production flexibility is large, the investment on the machine is reduced, and the disadvantage is that the semi-finished product inventory will be increased. It is easier for small injection molding plants that are just starting out to be put into production, but this process will gradually be eliminated in the context of increasing automation.

5. Linkage robot

The two injection molding machines are connected by a linkage robot. The first injection molding machine produces the first product, and the robot takes the product out and puts it into the second injection molding machine to produce the second. In principle, it is the same as the manual pick and place product, but the efficiency is much higher, the dimensional accuracy is more stable, and the inventory of semi-finished products is not required. 

Linked robots have unique advantages in the sanitary industry, especially in the processing of showers. The manual input is reduced by about 60% compared with traditional manufacturing, but it requires two machines to match production, and the flexibility of production is not high.