Tips For Selecting The Location Of Injection Mold Gates

- Aug 13, 2018-

1. Gate location requirements

(1) Appearance requirements (gate marks, weld lines);

(2) Product function requirements;

(3) mold processing requirements;

(4) warpage deformation of the product;

(5) The gate capacity is not easy to remove.

2. Impact on production and function

(1) FlowLength determines the injection pressure, the clamping force, and the shortened full flow length of the product to reduce the injection pressure and clamping force.

(2) The position of the gate will affect the holding pressure, the pressure holding pressure, whether the holding pressure is balanced, and keep the gate away from the future force position of the product (such as the bearing) to avoid residual stress. The gate position must consider the exhaust. To avoid accumulation of wind, do not place the gate in a weaker place or in the embedding to avoid misalignment (CoreShaft).