Tips For Selecting The Location Of Injection Mold Gates

- Aug 13, 2018-

6. DirectGate or SprueGate

The sprue supplies plastic directly to the finished product. The sprue is attached to the finished product. The molds on the two plates are usually one out, but in the design of the three-plate mold or the hot runner mold, one can More than a beer.

Disadvantages: The formation of a stencil on the surface of the finished product will affect the appearance of the finished product. The size of the stencil is the fine diameter hole of the sputum.

7. The draft angle of the nozzle, the length of the nozzle

Therefore, the large water-jet printing can be reduced, as long as the delay of the above-mentioned nozzle is reduced. However, the diameter of the nozzle is affected by the diameter of the nozzle, and the nozzle is easy to be out of the mold, and the draft angle cannot be less than 3 degrees. Only the length of the nozzle can be shortened, and the furnace can be extended.

Gate selection: The gate is the connecting part of the flow channel and the cavity. It is also the last part of the injection molding system. Its basic functions are:

(1) The molten plastic from the flow path enters the filled cavity at the fastest speed.

(2) After the cavity is filled, the gate can be quickly cooled and closed to prevent the plastic cavity from flowing back without cooling.