Trends In Rapid Prototyping Technology

- Oct 30, 2018-

3. Computer peripherals and network manufacturing

Rapid prototyping technology is a fully digital manufacturing technology. The three-dimensional forming function of rapid prototyping equipment has common features with ordinary printers. With the development of information technology, the network will enter thousands of households, and network-based information exchange will be more smooth. The enterprise provides an online personalized design platform, which can interact with the user to carry out product packaging, decoration and other customization.

4. Rapid prototyping and micro-nano manufacturing

At present, the commonly used micromachining technology is a process of removing the material and removing the material from "large to small", and it is difficult to process the three-dimensional shaped microstructure, and the further increase of the depth ratio is limited. Rapid prototyping, based on the principle of discrete-stacked dimensionality reduction manufacturing, enables the fabrication of structures of any complex shape.

5. Direct writing technology and information processing

(1) Direct writing technology. The ability of direct writing technology to precisely control material units is at the heart of rapid prototyping.

(2) Information comes from software. As rapid prototyping technology seeks to make rapid changes in manufacturing technology, the final parts manufactured are increasingly demanding precision. Modeling, computer simulation and optimization of the rapid prototyping process can improve the precision of rapid prototyping technology and achieve true net shape. Commonly used tools include finite difference and finite element.