Type Of Cooling In Plastic Extrusion

- Dec 25, 2018-

Generally divided into screw cooling, fuselage cooling, and product cooling.

1.Screw cooling

The function of screw cooling is to eliminate friction and overheat, stabilize the extrusion pressure of plastic, promote the uniformity of plastic mixing, and improve the quality of plasticization. However, its use must be appropriate, especially not too much, otherwise the plastic melt in the barrel suddenly cools, which can lead to serious accidents. Screw cooling is absolutely forbidden before extrusion, otherwise it will cause serious equipment accidents.

2. Cooling of the fuselage

The function of the fuselage cooling is to increase the heat dissipation of the barrel to overcome the temperature rise caused by frictional overheating, because this temperature rise cannot be stopped during the plastic extrusion process, even after the heating power supply is cut off, so that the reasonable temperature cannot be long-term. To maintain, heat must be added to cool the barrel to maintain heat balance during extrusion. The fuselage cooling is carried out in sections, mainly based on fan cooling. Considering the different functions of the fuselage sections, pay special attention to the use of homogenization section cooling.