Wall Thickness Of Container For Injection Molded Container Structure Design

- Jul 04, 2018-

The design of the wall thickness mainly considers three aspects: one is thickness; the other is uniformity; the third is gentle transition.

First, the thickness. The wall thickness of the container is mainly determined by its use, type of plastic, structure, and the like. For thermoplastics, generally not less than 0. 6mm, often choose 2~4mm; for thermosetting plastics, because of its poor fluidity, the thickness is larger, the small pieces are 1. 6~2. 5ram, the large pieces are 3. 2 ~ 8mm, the maximum is no more than 10mm.

Second, uniformity. The uniformity of the wall thickness has a great influence on the quality of the container. If the thickness difference of a container is too large, the shrinkage will be uneven, causing defects such as deformation and cracks. Therefore, the structure should be designed with an equal thickness structure.

Third, a smooth transition. In some containers, some parts must have different thicknesses due to structural requirements, such as the turning point of the container. At this time, a gentle transition should be adopted to avoid the sudden change of the section.