What Are The Advantages Of Making Molds With 3D Printing?

- Aug 29, 2018-

1. Mold production cycle shortened

3D printing molds shorten the entire product development cycle and become the source of drive innovation. In the past, companies sometimes chose to postpone or abandon design updates for new products, given the large capital investment required to create new molds.

By reducing mold preparation time and enabling existing design tools to be quickly updated, 3D printing enables companies to withstand more frequent replacement and improvement of molds. It enables the mold design cycle to keep pace with the new product design cycle.

In addition, some companies have purchased 3D printing equipment to manufacture molds, which further speeds up the development of new products and increases flexibility and adaptability. Strategically, it enhances the ability of supply chain defenses to extend deadlines and develop stagnation risks, such as obtaining inappropriate molds from suppliers.