What Are The Advantages Of Making Molds With 3D Printing?

- Aug 29, 2018-

2. Reduced manufacturing costs

If the cost of current metal 3D printing is higher than the cost of traditional metal manufacturing processes, the cost reduction is easier to achieve in the field of plastic products.

Metal 3D printed dies have economic advantages in the production of small, discontinuous series of end products (because the fixed costs of these products are difficult to amortize), or for specific geometries (optimized for 3D printing) More economic advantages. Especially when the materials used are very expensive, and the traditional mold manufacturing leads to a high material scrap rate, 3D printing has a cost advantage.

In addition, the ability of 3D printing to produce precision molds in a matter of hours can have a positive impact on manufacturing processes and profits, especially when production downtime and/or mold inventory is expensive.

Finally, it is sometimes the case that the mold is modified after the start of production. The flexibility of 3D printing allows engineers to experiment with countless iterations at the same time and reduce upfront costs due to mold design modifications.