What Are The Advantages Of Making Molds With 3D Printing?

- Aug 29, 2018-

4. Optimized tools are more ergonomic and improve minimum performance

3D printing reduces the threshold for validating new tools that address unmet needs in the manufacturing process, enabling more mobile fixtures and fixtures to be built into the manufacturing process.

Traditionally, because of the considerable cost and effort required to redesign and manufacture them, the design of the tool and the corresponding device are always used for as long as possible. With the application of 3D printing technology, companies can refurbish any tool at any time, not just those that have been scrapped and do not meet the requirements.

Because of the small amount of time and initial cost required, 3D printing makes it more economical to optimize tools for better marginal performance, so technicians can design ergonomics more to improve their operational comfort. Reduce processing time and make it easier to use and easy to store. Although this may only reduce the assembly operation time of a few seconds, it can't stand up. In addition, optimizing the tool design can also reduce the scrap rate of parts.