What Are The Current Advanced Technologies For Injection Molds?

- Sep 15, 2018-

At present, the advanced technologies for injection molds at home and abroad mainly include the following:

1. The hot runner technology system is an important part of the mold production. The working principle is to install the manifold and the hot nozzle in the injection mold. The temperature control should be reasonable, and the runner part should always be in a molten state. The system generally consists of the following Part of the composition:

(1) hot runner plate (MANIFOLD);

(2) Nozzle (NOZZLE);

(3) temperature controller;

(4) Auxiliary parts.

2. Reaction injection molding technology

It is a method in which two or more kinds of chemically reactive liquid plastics (monomers) are simultaneously input into a mixer and mixed at a certain pressure, and the uniformly mixed liquid is quickly injected into a closed mold to make it in-form. The polymerization process in the cavity is solidified to become a plastic article having a certain shape and size. Usually, the forming process is called RIM.