What Are The Current Advanced Technologies For Injection Molds?

- Sep 15, 2018-

3. Gas-assisted injection molding technology

It injects an accurately metered plastic melt into the cavity, injecting a compressed gas into the melt through a special nozzle, the gas advances in the direction of the least resistance in the melt, pushing the melt to fill the cavity and melt The pressure is maintained. When the pressure of the gas and the injection time are appropriate, the plastic will be pressed against the wall of the cavity by the pressurized gas to form a hollow, complete plastic part, which is discharged into the melt after the plastic melt is cooled and solidified. Gas, open the mold to exit the product.

The key to gas-assisted injection molding technology is how to reasonably grasp the time of injection of molten plastic and the time of gas filling. Gas-assisted injection can be applied to any thermoplastic and part of thermosetting plastics other than particularly soft plastics. The gas-assisted forming cycle can be divided into the following six stages: plastic melt filling stage, switching delay time, gas injection stage, pressure holding stage, gas release stage, and introduction stage.

4. Injection molding technology

It is an injection molding machine that uses two or more injection systems to mold different types or different colors of plastic into the same mold simultaneously or sequentially.

Most of the domestic use is a two-color injection molding machine. When producing plastic products by co-injection molding, the most important process parameters are injection volume, injection speed and mold temperature.