What Specifications Should Be Followed For Mold Design?

- Aug 15, 2018-

3. Detachable design

During the use of the mold, some parts are subject to excessive friction and impact and wear. At this time, only need to replace this part of the mold can still be used. In addition, sometimes a new product can be produced by simply changing the working parts. Not detachable not only causes a lot of waste of reusable parts and materials, but also seriously pollutes the environment due to poor disposal of waste.

Therefore, the problem of disassembly should be considered at the beginning of the design:

(1) Select the general structure as much as possible for replacement.

(2) Under the premise of meeting the strength requirements, try to use detachable joints. If threaded connection, no welding, riveting, etc.

4. Manufacturing environment design

Noise and pollution in mechanical workshops, especially in press shops, are very serious. It poses a great threat to the health of the staff and interferes with the tranquility of the surrounding area. Therefore, the noise generated should be controlled during mold design. Even eliminated.

There are several ways to eliminate machine noise:

(1) Replace the gear transmission with a v belt;

(2) replacing the rigid clutch with a friction clutch;

(3) Do the dynamic balance of the revolving body such as the flywheel;

(4) Cover the main part of the noise generated by the press;

(5) Use a non-impacting mold frame with a shock absorber.