What Specifications Should Be Followed For Mold Design?

- Aug 15, 2018-

5. Packaging design

The design of the packaging program mainly includes three aspects: the selection of packaging materials, the improvement of packaging structure and the recycling of packaging materials and their waste. The use of packaging materials and waste have a huge impact on the environment, especially materials that are difficult to recycle or difficult to degrade, which can only be incinerated or buried. 

Therefore, the packaging of the product should be as simple as possible and use green packaging materials (non-toxic, pollution-free, easy to recycle, easily degradable materials), which can reduce the waste of resources and reduce environmental pollution.

6. Recycling design

The mold recycling process considers the possibility of recycling after use of the mold and the method and cost of recycling in the design stage of the mold. The main content of the recyclability design includes recyclable materials and signs, recycling treatment methods, technical and economic evaluation of recycling and recyclable structural design.

The main measures are as follows:

(1) Use materials that have a greater impact on the environment than mold materials, such as non-toxic and harmless materials, renewable materials, and easily recycled materials;

(2) use reusable materials;

(3) Renovation, rework, etc. of used mold parts.