Americhem Lead Into New Soft Polymer Extrusion Molding Line

- Aug 10, 2018-

On August 8.8, Americhem announced that it is expanding its business capabilities in the Suzhou Industrial Park plant to introduce a new and advanced extrusion line for soft polymer modified products. The Suzhou plant in China was put into operation in 2006, and the expansion is also the second in the past three years.

Americhem has been a leading supplier of specialty masterbatches for over 77 years and has successfully produced specialty polymers-engineering plastics for more than a decade. The new line will bring more convenience to the modification of soft polymers, prompting Americhem to become the preferred supplier for one-stop service solutions to all customer needs.

The new extrusion line will use fully automated underwater pelletizing to ensure the soft materials such as TPE and TPU processes to meet the growing demand for soft touch in the world, especially in the Asia Pacific region. The new line also includes imported high-end twin-screw extruders with side feeds, liquid feed systems and large drying hoppers. The Suzhou facility is fully equipped to handle a wide range of systems, including sinks, conveyor belts, and high-speed, powerful blenders that provide efficient blending of formulations.

“Especially in the automotive, consumer durables and medical markets, consumers prefer materials with good feel, and this new extrusion line means we can offer our customers the softer products they want more quickly.” Zhou Qinglai, Commercial Business Manager of Aomekai Engineering Plastics explained, “In the past, we have been purchasing TPE materials from US factories to serve the Asian market. Now, this material can be produced in China. The Suzhou factory has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification and obtained certificates. And the ISO13485 certificate required for medical and pigmented engineering plastics in medical applications. Therefore, we expect to provide more efficient service to TPE/TPU customers after the completion of the new production line in the third quarter of 2018."