Bio-on Builds The First Special 100% Biodegradable Bioplastics Production Plant

- Jun 30, 2018-

Bio-on, Italy's leading company in the field of bioplastics, recently announced the launch of its first plant designed specifically for the production of 100% natural and biodegradable special bioplastic products for high-value niche markets such as cosmetics Used beads.

The new production center is located in Castel San Pietro Terme outside Bologna, covers an area of about 30,000 square meters, the current production capacity is 1,000 tons per year, and can double in a short time. The factory is equipped with the latest technology and the most advanced research laboratory.

The first product produced at the Castel San Pietro Terme plant will be Minerv Bio Cosmetics, a bioplastic microbead for cosmetics that replaces the currently used harmful and non-biodegradable oil-based plastic particles.

These microplastic particles are widely used as a thickener or stabilizer in lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eyeliners, nail varnishes, creams, shampoos, foam baths, and even toothpastes. Their environmental pollution will become a permanent part of the natural cycle. Once cleaned, these plastic particles are swallowed by rivers and marine plankton and introduced into the food chain. The United States has thus become the first country to ban the use of oily polymers in body care products and bring them into law (2015 without microbeads method). Bioplastics can eliminate these contaminants in cosmetics because bioplastic microparticles are naturally biodegradable in water.

The new production center is also the headquarters of the RAF (Recovery and Fermentation) business unit, which is used to develop and optimize bio-plastics fermentation and extraction processes to help the products get the best yield. There are also central nervous system departments (cosmetics, nanomedicine, and smart materials) that use cutting-edge scientific equipment to test new types of bioplastics and develop new applications. The business scope includes cosmetics, nanomedicine, biomedicine, nutritional foods, bioremediation, organic electronics and advanced materials. The Central Nervous System Laboratory is composed of more than 20 researchers from around the world and covers many industries such as chemistry, physics, biology, pharmacy, materials engineering, biotechnology, electronics and mathematics. The average age is 30 years old.

All mineral-p active bioplastics developed by Bio-on [polyhydroxyalkanoates PHA] are made from renewable plant sources and do not compete with the food supply chain. They guarantee the same thermo-mechanical properties as traditional plastics, have a 100% ecological sustainability and are naturally biodegradable.