Bole Plastic Machine Help The Indian Auto Giant Lightweight Open A New Pattern

- Sep 26, 2018-

Bole Plastic Machine help the Indian auto giant lightweight open a new pattern

Indian car giant Tata Group (TATA) Group held a seminar on automotive lightweighting and application technology in India on September 20.

The discussion included 79 first-tier and second-tier suppliers from TATA and some suppliers from Ford, Suzuki and Honda. Böhler was also invited to participate in and share how to open a new lightweight structure for Indian cars.

In the face of numerous challenges, Tata Group has always maintained an innovative spirit, constantly entering new fields, and emerging new hot spots in the intrinsic industry. The intelligent molding line of CIML series carbon fiber products of Bole Plastic Machine has brought new hotspots to Tata Group.

“The CIML series features a unique OIHM in-line injection molding hot pressing technology that enables long-fiber reinforced composites to be directly injection molded (on-line compound injection molding), saving 10 processes compared to conventional processes, reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency. In the case of material material reduction and cost reduction, the product performance is greatly improved. The weight loss is more than 65%, and the CIML process is used in the same formula to increase the tensile, bending and notch impact by more than 20%, which simplifies the process saving. The material has improved the performance of the product.” Mr. Wang Wengen, General Manager of Bole, introduced the unique technological advantages of CIML series carbon fiber intelligent molding line and how CIML leads the technological transformation of composite materials in the global automotive field. Energy saving, material reduction, and a qualitative leap in quality and quantity.

In the meeting, Wang Wengen also introduced the EK-S center-locked hydraulic injection molding machine from Bole, DK series high-precision two-plate injection molding machine developed by German experts, micro-foam molding technology, rapid mold change system and other automotive industry injection molding. solution.

Since then, the Bole CIML series has officially entered the stage of the Indian automotive industry.