Circular Plastics Alliance

- Dec 21, 2018-

Recently, the European Commission announced the establishment of the Circular Plastics Alliance to reduce waste, revitalize the European waste recycling industry and encourage market innovation. The plastic closed-loop alliance will specifically improve the matching of waste plastics supply and demand, which is considered to be the biggest bottleneck in the current EU waste plastics recycling market.

Frans Timmermans, the first vice president of the Alliance's Sustainability Division, said: "The Plastics Closed-Loop Alliance will build on all aspects of the plastics industry's value chain and encourage the industry to build greater goals based on industry commitments."

The Plastics Closed-Loop Alliance will be a high-level, multi-stakeholder platform covering the entire plastic value industry chain, from waste plastics collectors, recycling companies, primary producers, traders, brands to retailers, involving the packaging industry. , the construction industry and the automotive industry, etc., form a closed-loop industrial chain.

The plastic closed loop alliance has three main goals:

(1) Encourage short-term, voluntary cooperation projects and investments of industry stakeholders, such as classified collection of waste plastics, investment projects of classified recycling facilities, etc.;

(2) Disclose the obstacles encountered by stakeholders in achieving the 2025 target, such as lack of infrastructure and financial shortage;

(3) Monitoring progress in the use of recycled plastics and recycled plastics in Europe, for example to help identify gaps in supply and demand for different recycled plastics.

In the next step, the committee will encourage industry stakeholders to join the alliance, particularly in the largest industries in Europe for plastics demand, such as packaging, construction and automotive.