Continuous Improvement Of The Control System Of Rubber Injection Machine

- Jul 12, 2018-

With the development of modern electronic technology and computer technology, the control system of rubber injection machine has been continuously developed and improved. The current competition between different rubber injection machine brands is mainly reflected in the competition between control systems and automation.

MAPLAN includes the fully hydraulic vertical injection MTF1500/280 for the delivery system. The hydraulic system is used to power the injection machine and is a circuit that provides pressure and speed to the various actuators (working cylinders) of the injection machine. MAPLAN is also the first supplier of rubber injection equipment to start using servo hydraulic systems. The new hydraulic vertical injection machine MTF1500/280 has recently been introduced, a fully automated processing unit that includes conveyor systems for the manufacture of rubber molded parts. The maximum injection volume is 1500 CCM and the clamping force is 2800 kN. It is part of a redesigned range of fully hydraulic vertical injection machines with an optimized new concept of clamping unit, which is achieved by a very ergonomic operating height, minimal stencil offset and high plane parallelism. strengthen. The drawbar gap is 680 mm and there is plenty of room for manual and automatic operation of the molded part. It is equipped with a 1500cm3 FIFO injection unit, but can also be combined with injection units up to 4000cm3. In order to remove the molded part from the mold, the cavity plate is unfolded by a carriage, and the molded part is pneumatically demolded before the transfer belt carries the molded part for further processing. These molded parts are further processed on a continuous workstation and are used as "conveyor belts" by B&R Industrial Automation's "super-track" transport system.

A six-axis robot manipulating the molded parts, the processing chain around the "over-track" includes the positioning of the molded parts, post-cold, flexible configuration printing and final inspection by Cognac. The printed finished product is removed by a six-axis robot combined with a conveyor belt. In mid-2017, MAPLAN opened a production plant in Wujin, Changzhou, China - Mapland (Changzhou) Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. to meet the growing demand for high-end rubber injection molding machinery in the Chinese market.

At CHINAPLAS 2018, Yizumi exhibited the YL2-VL/VF sub-standard rubber injection machine, which is the result of the company's first in-depth application of modularization in the global rubber injection machine industry. More than 20 kinds of alternative devices, diversified combinations to meet the individual needs of customers; using the patented technology of “fixed-cylinder three-cylinder balanced injection structure”, breaking the traditional single-cylinder injection structure, greatly improving injection stability and higher precision; Programming, users can freely compile process according to different product molding process needs, high-speed PLC and MES and central control PC for barrier-free communication; larger hot plate size, wider product range; equipped with international first-line brand electric hydraulic unit The device ensures machine stability.