How To Reduce The Maintenance Of Double-color Injection Mold

- Feb 09, 2018-

1. The defects in the tyre should be avoided. Mold design and manufacturing process is "pregnant", this time the problem can not be, otherwise maintenance is not to be avoided.
2. Production control. Similar to the table in the hot runner Settie and pin pin card bad mold to try to avoid.
3. Vulnerable parts of the standardization and Inventory, Thimble, spring, Secretary tube, guide pillars, guide sleeve, etc. to as far as possible uniform specifications, prepare inventory.
4. Peacetime production of a level two maintenance and mold repair Department of the three-level maintenance to be solid in place.
5. Work flow standardization, strengthen scientific injection molding knowledge training, as far as possible in the production does not harm the mold, low voltage protection settings, clamping speed, clamping force, injection speed, pressure, such as mold temperature and other parameters will greatly damage the mold.