New Nozzle For Multi-Cavity Mold Applications

- Nov 19, 2018-

EWIKON's advanced solutions for multi-tip sprue and valve gates are designed for compact multi-cavity mold applications, enabling manufacturers in the medical industry to achieve higher process reliability in high-precision valve gate applications.

The HPS III-MHR111 nozzle has been added to the EWIKON HPS III-MH product line with advanced side gate solutions to expand the product range. This new nozzle is specifically designed for the efficient production of long tubular parts such as syringes or pipettes in the medical industry.

The nozzle body is round and has a 15% reduction in diameter compared to the standard version, while a longer tip insert is used. As a result, the available space between the nozzle body and the component profile is significantly increased, and the mold manufacturer can use this space to integrate an optimized cooling system around the mold cavity, as well as an efficient mold venting device. The productivity of these two aspects is greatly improved due to the shortened cycle time and improved filling process.

The HPS III-MHR111 nozzle is available in three models for 2, 4 or 8 parts simultaneously. In addition to the standard pointed inserts with a slight angle of 90° to the stripping direction, a 60° tip insert is also available. With this type of nozzle, the gate point can be placed closer to the mold parting line.

Like the various nozzles in the HPS III-MH nozzle range, the HPS III-MHR111 nozzle features patented tip replacement technology for unique maintenance convenience. The pointed inserts can be easily replaced on the parting line without disassembling the mold.

At the same time, with standardized micro-flow plate technology, polyolefin parts can be efficiently produced on a large scale with a large number of mold cavities. Target applications are in the packaging and medical industries. In these applications, this technology has been successfully applied to molds with up to 192 cavities.

The balanced microchannel plate is equipped with four threaded, thermally conductive tip inserts, each of which is provided with a melt seal at the gate. The main channel plate is placed on the second layer to allow a fully balanced flow path layout to be achieved.