SABIC: Developing A Multimodal HDPE With Excellent Sensory Performance

- Jun 29, 2018-

SABIC has developed a multimodal HDPE with excellent sensory performance. It has good resistance to environmental stress cracking (ESCR) and good flowability, making it easy for bottle cap manufacturers to design very lightweight caps.

The SABIC® HDPE CCX027C grade has strong shear thinning, which means that even though it has a relatively low melt index MFI (0.8 g/10 min, 2.16 kg), its flow characteristics during injection molding and single mode Similar to HDPE, the melt index is even 3 times higher than that of HDPE in single mode.

SABIC is currently paying close attention to market trends related to sustainability issues. For example, the environmental stress cracking resistance of plastic products and the improvement of physical properties such as stiffness and impact strength can achieve more weight reduction; reducing the temperature required during processing can help plastics companies save energy and reduce cycle time, and even better The sensory analysis will better meet the needs of the cap and ensure that the cap does not affect the contents of the package, especially bottled water.

Hans Pierik, Head of SABIC Global Caps Business Unit, said, “The bottle cap market is constantly evolving and changing. We are responding quickly to current and future developments. This year we will introduce more innovative materials, including a new HDPE. Helps to reduce the weight of caps for carbonated drinks (CDS)."